Sunday, December 11, 2011

What are the chances to recover NAS with Linux OS?

On it is mentioned that you can use Linux to recover NAS. In practice it does not work at all or at least you cannot obtain any meaningful results.

Imagine the following: you assemble RAID inside VMware with md-raid driver. Then you restart VMware and see that one of the array member disks has dropped out off the array. Sad but true - this situation is fairly common. Although it is proved that VMware always works reliably - it is known that hardware can fail in different ways while failures of a virtualized hardware are rare and always the same.

So there is very little chance to recover the RAID with valuable data using Linux. Keep in mind that it makes sense to try several different Linux versions because, as of now, quite a number of Linux versions are available for downloading in the web.

Still, there is a bright aspect of the issue, which is never advertised at - some NASes do, in fact run under Windows Embedded.

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